The Firm

Laghi Leo Spangaro e Associati was born in autumn 2018 from an intuition, manifested initially as captivating idea and then turned into a concrete project with the enthusiastic and supportive adhesion of an increasing number of partners.

The intuition: to integrate knowledge, expertise and consolidated professional success with passion, enthusiasm and dynamic capability to reach goals.

The idea: to integrate the solidity of more than 50 years of acknowledged successes of the Treviso firm Laghi e Associati with the dynamism of the Milan firm Laghi Leo Spangaro, a reality driven by passion and personalized relationship with the Clients, with international breadth, so as to provide the new firm with solid foundations and innovative push and lifeblood.

The project: to keep providing still tailor made services, but up with the times, to represent the privileged partner to support Clients in the protection and strengthening of their interests, heading firmly on both the quality deriving from expertise, update and constant deepening, and the dynamism arising also from the ability to make the most out of the new negotiation, regulatory and technological tools.

The new Firm (which is the result of an integration between the two firms and not of just the acquisition of a firm by the other) is active in non contentious (banking, corporate, finance, bond, restructuring, M&A, private equity, startup, joint venture, consortium), litigation (arbitration, corporate litigation, civil litigation in contractual, banking and labour law matters), bankruptcy (with particular vocation for restructuring transactions), administrative and family law matters. With some clients, the professional relationship backs to more than 20 years ago.

The Firm’s distinctive identity is to give clients the serenity that all their professional projects will be handled with the utmost care and attention, where necessary also teaming up with external experts. This is made possible by a dynamic environment which offers talented professionals the chance to rapidly grow through direct involvement even in the most complex situations. The Firm values and recognizes its team through a compensation in line with the best international standards and a rapid development path up to the partnership, based on merit. 

The Firm is based in Milan and Treviso and is active both in Italian and international markets, with particular reference to England, Spain, the United States and France.