The Firm


Studio LS Laghi & Partners was founded in the autumn of 2018, with the vision of being able to integrate the solidity of more than fifty years of recognised successes of the Treviso-based Studio Laghi e Associati with the dynamism of the Milan-based Studio LS Laghi & Partners, in a reality inspired by passion and a personalised relationship with the Client, with national as well as an international scope.

Today, the distinctive quality of the Firm is to guarantee its Clients the peace of mind that any of their professional projects will be undertaken with the utmost care and attention, and that their interests will always be protected and enhanced. A tailor-made service is offered, the excellence of which is based on experience, constant updating and in-depth study as well as the ability to make the best use of the most innovative negotiating, regulatory and technological tools.

All this is possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of a close-knit group of well-trained and professionals, who work in synergy, sharing their know-how and expertise within the Firm.

The areas covered in the transactional area are banking, corporate, finance, bond, restructuring, M&A, private equity, start-ups, joint ventures and consortium.

In the litigation field: arbitration, corporate litigation, ordinary civil litigation, banking and employment law, as well as insolvency, administrative and family law.

The Firm has offices in Milan and Treviso and operates in both the Italian and international markets, with particular reference to England, Spain, the United States and France.

The Offices

Via C.O. Cornaggia 10
20123 Milano
Tel. +39 02 36680150
Fax. +39 02 36680199
Entratta Cornaggia 10
Viale Cesare Battisti 1
31100 Treviso
Tel. +39 0422 4168
Fax. +39 0422 411142
Entratta Cornaggia 10